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Technical System, Maintenance

Protecting Your Investment

Installing a bespoke technical solution that is tailor-made for your requirements is a great start towards achieving a resilient business. 

Regular maintenance then provides an even better return on investment, reducing the impact to the business over time, and offering increased benefits throughout an extended life for the system. 

d3 is fully committed to providing on-going support to its customers in order to obtain consistent, high quality performance from each Audio Visual or Pro Audio solution we provide.  D3 has expertise in the maintenance of all types of solutions: multisite control rooms, presentation and training spaces, HD Video Conferencing suites, digital signage, interactive technologies utilising Samsung video walls and panels, AMX control panels, Smart Interactive life size high definition visual communications (HDVC), and many additional solutions.

Each solution will be assigned a skilled engineer who can provide a system report for the client, allowing them to plan ahead for maintenance or upgrades. This is true across:
•    Control rooms
•    Council chambers
•    Board/Executive spaces
•    Staff meeting/collaboration spaces
•    Auditoria/Town hall spaces
•    HD VC Suites
•    Corporate communications Signage 
•    Internet Protocol TV
•    Training spaces
•    Hearing suites
•    Global control systems

Our assistance includes:
•    Telephone Support
•    Site Service Call Outs
•    System Maintenance Agreements
•    Training Sessions

The level of assistance is priced specifically to the system’s needs, and the call out response times required by the customer. Our clients include control systems for ‘blue light’ services, which naturally demand the fastest response time possible  - but also include many local venues and places of worship, where the cost / benefit equation is very different. We can provide a response plan that meets your needs.

The same is true for clients of our Smart Homes service. Over the past few years, we have noticed an increase in requests from people curious about home automation and smart home technology. This led us to form Inspiro Smart Home Technology to meet the demand of a growing stream of residential enquiries.

We tested a variety of smart home manufactures extensively and arrived at the conclusion that Loxone was the best option.

We found that the equipment’s ease of use was the best in the market, both for installers and for end users. Together, the reliability and the programming of the system were also impressive. The value for money that Loxone could offer represented a great selling point for our customers.

We are currently the only Loxone Gold Partner in Scotland, a title we are proud to hold.

Third Party Installations

We are also very happy to service and maintain a customer’s existing AV solutions, on the basis that a full inventory is established with a condition report. We can then create an agreement for the customer’s individual needs.

If you have any Audio Visual or Pro Audio requirements we would be very happy to speak with you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. You can email us or call (contact details below). 

We also have HD video conferencing that can connect to your own desktop, laptop, tablet or phone - just ask us to send you an invite.

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