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Design & Build

Working hand in hand, to a plan.

The design and build process forms the majority of d3`s work and is where very real value is obtained by the customer.

Most times, consultancy with d3 results in our company also being engaged for the design and build process, absorbing much of the cost of the consultancy.  However, we are sometimes asked to consult in order for a client to ‘shop around’ for the best price.  d3 has a policy that if we are engaged as a consultant we will never then tender on the same project.  We believe this would deprive the client of the best value result, as other potential suppliers may lack the appetite to compete with the project’s designers.

As long as a project has not gone to tender, d3 is happy to transfer a consultancy project to the design and build stage, providing consistency and good value for the client.  


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