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Audio Visual System Consultancy

The route to reduced risk and enhanced confidence is to bring in the experts.

As audio visual integrators with an extensive knowledge of the range of AV and Pro Audio systems, and how these work together with modern information technology networks, we also know how to put our expertise across in plain English. So every one can appreciate the differences and benefits of each option we propose.

For many small businesses the competitive advantage to be gained from having an effective networking solution that can keep all your employees connected and productive wherever they are can seem obvious, but beyond your price range. We can advise all sizes of businesses on the optimum solution to suit their budget and requirements.

Our credentials in AV, Pro Audio and AV/IT network solutions place us in prime position to equip all of our clients – whether you’re one of the UK’s largest stadia, a PLC head office, or a small local business.

Our well-informed, knowledgeable and experienced staff will guide you through identifying your precise needs, setting a realistic budget and choosing the most appropriate solution: whether you want us to install it or plan to go with an alternative supplier.

Every project is supported by one of d3’s founding directors, so our clients can be confident they will receive the highest standards of service.

Our process is simple and is the basis of d3’s mission statement: Define, Design, Deliver. For Consultancy projects, it is about defining the need and designing the best solution.

  • Define // An initial face-to-face introduction with the client can define the project’s objectives and expectations clearly. This provides us with the technical and commercial information we need, and also gives us an insight into the client’s individual character and personal requirements.

  • Design // We create a bespoke specification for your requirement and present this to you.

  • Deliver // The entire project is carefully managed from design to completion, including technical instruction and ongoing support.
    As part of due diligence and accountability after a design has been agreed, we have a `Change of Design Request` (CDR) process, which documents changes and preferences you make, up to the final proposal, ensuring clarity for both parties. Once the project is signed off, we prepare for swift on-site delivery.


Our team are called upon to consult on projects across all our service specialisms: AV, Pro Audio and AV/IT network solutions.

Control Systems

As a company, d3 regularly delivers control systems to make it easy to operate even the most complex systems. You may need to connect, control, manage and get reports from those control systems as part of your AV estate management. We can offer consultancy on any size of project, and in any sector of business, having installed solutions to handle more than 1000 connections.

Visual Solutions

At d3 we provide projection solutions for small meeting rooms and the largest venues. We use different technologies to achieve this, ranging from single chip Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors, LCD or LED projectors, Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) for micro-displays (sometimes referred to as a spatial light modulator), and up to 3-chip DLP projectors. We’ll always explain why our proposed solution best meets your needs.

Digital Signage

Digital signage has become a significant part of many business communication strategies. We can deliver bespoke platforms of any size, locally or globally, for both customer-facing and internal branding and communications.

Home technology

Our latest expansion applies our expertise to a new market: smart home technology and the solutions it offers for home automation built around the ‘Internet of Things’.

Inspiro.House applies our expertise to provide self-standing smart home solutions, with all the functionality that clients expect – from remotely managed heating and lighting, to home entertainment, and advanced security systems.

Pro Audio

For audio requirements we work with a range of quality manufacturers, and based upon our expert diagnosis of your needs and environment, we will recommend the best product to meet your needs, taking into consideration all the relevant factors and influences.

At each step, we communicate clearly with you around potential solutions, to provide you with total confidence in the outcome.

Non compete

d3 has a policy that if we are engaged as a consultant to help the client specify a project to a number of suppliers for tender then we will never compete on the same project for design and build.  We believe this would deprive the client of the best value result, as other potential suppliers may lack the appetite to compete with the project’s designers.

It would be our pleasure to discuss any requirements you may have. Please just contact the office and speak directly to one of the team.

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