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Under the management of Walter Smith, d3 provided interactive screen technology for first team training and as part of the education pack into the community programmes. d3 have good experience and understanding of the sport training and hospitality environment, having subsequently worked in the premiership, rugby union and motor sport spaces.
As a referral through the trade the Campsie project team were bidding for Lottery funding to re-establish this community based project. They required proper consultancy to make a professional bid application which d3 walked through with them. A flexible lighting, Pro-Audio, projection and control solution were installed late 2011 as part of a succesful quality bid to establish the hall as a `fit for use` venue. It proceeds to provide quality services to the local community. d3 were delighted to work with the team and wish them every success for the future.
The client project team required a professionally designed integration of a fully-fledged conference/performance environment with professional audio and audio visual solutions.
As part of the Millennium Stadium `match day` hospitality and `non-match day` conference offering d3 designed and installed two principle media spaces with projection, audio and radio mic solutions along with AMX colour touch control panels for ease of use by non-technical hospitality and venue staff.
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